Containerising switch rooms and data centres is becoming increasingly more apparrent as the years pass. Infrastructure simply can’t keep up with the super face digital world we live in.

With this being the case, containersied switch rooms and data centres are starting to pop up everywhere you look…. Shopping Centres, Football Stadiums, Universities, Minesites, Farms, Busienss Districts, and the list goes on.

Containers offer superior protection, super fast and streamlne mobilisation, and all 4 transport routes avaiable:

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Sea
  • Air

I have built quite a few switch rooms over the years with every build leaning we learn, constantly raising the bar and out doing the build before.

We have a tone of containerised switch room building experience between us. Switch Rooms and Data Centres need to be designed and fabricated a specific way and in accordance with hunderds of compliance codes which can be a lot to all take in at once.

The price on shipping container shitch rooms and data centres vary significantly.

It all comes down to geographic location, what code it falls under, and the application in which its going to be used.

Approx Costs:

  • 20′ Switch Room $60K Ex GST
  • 40′ Switch Room $90K Ex GST

All Prices listed in The Container Shop are GST Exclusive (10%)