$15,900.00 $12,900.00

We can build you a small potbelly stove, or an backyard container entertainer that would wow the snobbiests of guests šŸ˜‰

The spit box is one that every bloke wouldnt knock back.
This one is what i wanted, inclusions listed below.

  • Cut down & restored shipping container (1/4)
  • Sructural steel modifications & fabrication
  • Hand milled floor, & custom cladding
  • ā€œubuild originalā€ pop out “spit-wing” bench seating and bbq room access
  • “ubuild originalā€ gyrospit rotisserie system
  • Bar accessories
  • 3.2l ice making machine
  • ā€œubuild originalā€ custom eski recessed into bar top
  • Waterproof and warless sound system
  • 42inch smart TV
  • TV wall mounting bracket
  • TV lift kit actuator
  • Cast iron and hardwood utility shelves
  • Stainless sink w/ matte black tapware – cold water plumbing
  • TV and fire stoking rack backing board
  • Fire pokers & carving set (wall mounted)


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