UBuild Containers can build you the most ultimate exhibiters display box you will find on the market.

Great for promotional campaigns on the road & product displays when you’re at HQ. UBuild can stick to a tight budget, or include all the bells and whistels you can find, all those improtant decisions will rest in your hands. You will be the project manager as your custom build runs through the workshop.

All our units are made TOUGH!

Ubuild can cater for the smaller more deicate boutique businesses, but can also cater for big business no problem at all… We are unique, adaptable, and can pretty much create anything that will conform with the containerised latyout.

We are a customs workshop, so therefore having a standard rate for these units is nearly impossible.

Base models will come in around the $20K mark. These will have minimal fold out features… for around $30K, we can supply what you see in the photo section. 6 x Fold out decks, inernally wrapped with any pattern you want, massive Ultra HD Smart TV, wall mounted and wirleslly connected, servcice counter in assorted colours and shapes.

If you have a brand you would like to containerise, dont hesitate getting in touch.


All Prices listed in The Container Shop are GST Exclusive (10%)

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